Fadfed: Surveying public opinion


In order to encourage people to express themselves publicly and foster government accountability, the Jordanian youth organization Leaders of Tomorrow launched in 2010 the street-based initiative Fadfed (which translates as “let your frustration out”). The activity, held every few months, invites people to openly share their views about sensitive issues, such as drugs, violence, unemployment, inflation and parliamentary elections, on white boards or sheets of paper posted in public places. Organizers live tweet people's opinions using the hashtag #Fadfed to the relevant government officials for responses. Conceived as a way to survey and document public opinion, the initiative collects data that can be used in campaigns or research projects.

Social Networks
Fadfed in Ajloun: What do people think about drugs?
Fadfed in Rainbow Street: What do people think about price increases?

Before you start collecting data, think of ways you can analyze it. Organizers of Fadfed sort the responses posted according to filters like issue, gender, age group and level of frustration. Learn more about campaign analytics in this card.