Mamnou3: A Mockumentary against Censorship


Non-governmental organizations and independent activists in Lebanon worked for years to defend cultural and artistic freedom of expression. But driven by political, religious or moral motivations, censors have always had their way, banning plays, movies, TV shows and books, or editing out certain content they deemed threatening. To expose the absurdity of Lebanese censors, the SKeyes Center for Media and Cultural Freedom created "Mamnou3" (which means “forbidden” or “prohibited” in Arabic), a mockumentary-style web series about the day-to-day inner workings of Lebanon's censorship bureau. The series caricaturizes censors to make fun of taboos and point out censorship decisions that are rarely clearly justified, but are explained with vague terms such as “threatening state security” and the like. ُThe series quickly spread online and on social networks. The project's YouTube channel now has over 46,000 views.


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