What is this? Why?

Welcome to 10 Tactics Unstitched!

This is a database of all the info-activism stories profiled in the original 10 Tactics film and cards and also those which we featured on the 10 Tactics website, 2010-2012.

Over the last two years, we have gathered a lot of feedback and evaluations from all kinds of people using 10 Tactics. From students and teachers to NGO staff and ICT and advocacy trainers, we've learned that 10 Tactics is a useful resource to explore and teach the field of information activism. We also learned that it would be really useful to have all the stories pulled out of the format they were in and served up in a new way.

So here we have opened out the cards and laid out the stories, images and videos in them for users to browse, download and remix. You can browse the 50 + examples, in this interactive database, either by tool/technique, country and the issue area the campaign addressed. The Campaign Basics cards, which include suggested hands-on group activities, are also now more easily accessible to integrate into trainings.

How it works

The interactive grid below lists the stories in the film, the printed cards and from stories sent to this website. The stories can be viewed in terms of either their country of origin, or the thematic issue / rights area they are about. You can flip between these two views. Clicking on a story provides a brief overview of it, downloadable video and images and links to more information on campaign tactics and basics.

So, for example, if you're doing a workshop with women's rights activists about using information and digital media in a campaign, you could just select to view all the stories clubbed under 'gender rights', and further by country, if that is relevant. You can play the video stories to share with your participants, and generate a discussion based on it. You can go through the online links to the campaign. Based on where your participants are at in their campaigns, you can sort through the Campaign Basics Cards and see which tools and exercises would be most relevant to them. 

If you have any comments on this website or ideas for how we can improve it, email us at infoactivism[AT]tacticaltech[DOT]org.